Top 5 tips to Live Green in 2019!

Our mission at Zoobox is to help people reconnect with nature. In doing so, we are also massive advocates for green living and realising how our actions affect the environment. Ireland is the top producer of plastic waste in Europe; generating an average of 61kgs per person every year – almost…

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Benefits of Nature

Nature, wellness and mental health There’s no better feeling than a long walk in the woods or mountains, or the feeling of peace and serenity from camping out and being away from it all. Its not just the physical feeling but the health and wellness benefits of spending time in nature,…

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How to pick the best city to start our project ?

And the winner is…   We have been in Dublin for nearly a month and are looking to find the best place for Zoobox to grow. Dublin is electric and busy, but really expensive for a start up. We need a relatively big city with a lower cost of living and…

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