What’s the craic?


We design unique, world class, ecotourism experiences in partnership with local entrepreneurs. We focus on shared values and vision. Our partners varies from land owners, unique tourism activities providers to people that simply live in a unique natural setting and dream of creating an ecotourism site. We are selective, but when there is a perfect match, we find a way to make it work! 

 What’s in it for me?


A global, transparent partner that shares your values and supports you in:


  • Designing a world class, unique ecotourism experience tailored to your story and your goals
  • Creating the business plan to achieve it
  • Assessing your local market
  • Raising the necessary funding to create your dreamed experience
  • Training the staff in maintenance, booking and welcoming
  • National and international representation
  • Managing daily operations
  • Developing global marketing campaign


We want to hear about your story and your goals