Landing in Ireland


Hi everyone! Here is our very first blog article for Zoobox! We landed in Dublin on a cold and wet January day.  Full of  excitement and anticipation, eager to learn the new local slang, it was grand! We found ourselves a small office at the Guinness Enterprise Center and started to work on the exploration of what we thought was a relatively small territory.

Although Ireland is about the size of Indiana, you have to be a little naive to think you can tour it in only two days. So that is exactly what we did… We drove all the way from Dublin to Waterford, following the coast and then from Waterford to Cork, to Killarney and back to Dublin! 24h hours of pure driving, thanks to our investor M.Dazhi.

The sceneries are amazing and the natural beauty of Ireland is surpassing its reputation. We are tired but happy. We already have some great ideas and we can’t wait to find our first site here in Ireland.