How to pick the best city to start our project ?

And the winner is…   We have been in Dublin for nearly a month and are looking to find the best place for Zoobox to grow. Dublin is electric and busy, but really expensive for a start up. We need a relatively big city with a lower cost of living and…

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The « Lacs du Connemara »

Along the Wild Atlantic Way in Connemara region   Laure flew in from Montreal a couple of days after Alain and Guillaume to join team Dublin. Off we went to explore Galway and Connemara region and yes, we did play the song in the car and sang:  ”Le Coooooooonnnemaraaaaaaaaaa!” The…

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Zoobox takes its first step in Ireland

Landing in Ireland   Hi everyone! Here is our very first blog article for Zoobox! We landed in Dublin on a cold and wet January day.  Full of  excitement and anticipation, eager to learn the new local slang, it was grand! We found ourselves a small office at the Guinness Enterprise…

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