Our vision


We see a world where everyone can easily find a unique and isolated place to recharge and reconnect with nature without the hassles of camping or the crowds of big tourism sites.

We think ecotourism can empower local entrepreneurs, boost the economy of rural communities, create a showroom for green technologies and create an authentic bound between visitors and Hosts.

Ecotourism Ireland Zoobox
Zoobox Ireland eco lodge photo

 Our Values


We see a world where everyone understands and appreciate the value of nature . Our clients, local partners and staff shares the same values:

  • A desire to protect wildlife and flora
  • An acknowledgment of our environmental responsibility
  • A will to adopt cutting-edge sustainability technologies
  • A desire to experience and enjoy nature in a confortable setting

A stay with us is not only a relaxing trip, it’s an immersion in nature and the discovery of new green technologies. 


Proud to be LOCAL

  • We create joint ventures with local partners
  • We design each site to be unique and to the image of our partners
  • We encourage everyone to buy local, cook local and buy in local businesses

Proud to be GREEN

  • We chose to minimise our footprint
  • Every Zoobox is built to be off the grid 
  • Our insulation standards are always above industry standards in order to minimise energy consumption
  • Waste system  is inspected and controlled during the installation to maximise recycling
  • Protection of the surrounding environment and erosion are carefully monitored and protection measures  are always exceeded on our sites.



Zoobox Ireland Ecotourism
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