We reconnect people to nature


In a world full of noise, stress and virtual connections, we aim to provide a stimulating environment for people to reconnect with nature. 


A unique experience available in Canada and coming soon to the rest of the world!


The Zoobox experience is an open window to the most beautiful sceneries of the world. We make nature accessible by creating, in joint venture with local partners, unique natural immersions. You can rent them in Canada today on www.levertendre.com

Vehicle Free Zone 


Pedestrian and bicycle access only, contributing to the preservation of nature and tranquility of this area. A trolley and sled are at your disposal to facilitate your stroll along the magnificent trail towards the shelter.

Eco-Friendly Zoobox Ireland

Indulge in Comfort

An open window to the most beautiful sceneries of the world

Two double beds accessed by ladder and firefighter’s pole

Outdoor and indoor shower and bath on wheels

A fully equipped kitchen to cook local products

King size bed suspended from the ceiling

An indoor climbing wall

Power-generating bike


Zoobox Ireland Eco-Friendly

Explore the Land

Along the east coast, a preserved environment: canoeing and kayaking. 

The Wild Atlantic Way : surfing, swimming and fishing. 

Great network of trails for hiking, cycling. 

An incredible view from the hilltops to the coastline.